About Ek Prayaas

Ek Prayaas aims to promote financial literacy across India, especially in rural and tribal areas of the country. We wish to create financial awareness and empowerment through financial education services, products, financial literacy software, workshops and events.

Join us and make financial illiteracy history!


Our Vision: A financially prudent and literate India

Our Mission: Launch a massive financial literacy solution to make the rural population manage their money more effectively. To make them achieve financial well-being by gaining access to appropriate financial products and services through regulated entities. That provide fair, transparent consumer protection and grievance redressal mechanisms.


Our financial literacy curriculum and presentations are tailored to fit a variety of time constraints and learning objectives. Workshops of varying lengths, school programmes, weekend seminars, camps, in-class training, college classes, employee education, and other delivery modes have all been employed by organisations.

We give interesting, relevant content that participants can easily relate to, increasing retention rates and making the process more gratifying for both participants and trainers. Participants are motivated to take action in their own finances through hands-on activities and project-based learning. Participants who attend our programmes leave with practical strategies for ensuring their personal financial security.


Learn to be smarter with your money

Our aim is to provide financial literacy events that are enjoyable and engaging. We provide financial literacy in a number of ways through webinars, seminars, meetups, online E-learning programmes and so much more.

We hope to motivate the attendees to keep taking positive steps towards their financial future.


Our strategic affiliations with multiple foundations is critical to our success. We are proud to be working in association with the following bodies.

Avaada Foundation
Banswada Pariyojana
Chennai Volunteers
Samta Foundation
Gyan Deepak
Abheeraj Baldota Foundation
Brilliance of Gen z

While most young people his age are pursuing personal destinies or just having a good time, Shaurya Kabra is out there doing it for India!

Shaurya has launched an initiative, Ek Prayaas, with the objective to make all of India – and especially the rural population – financially literate and show them how to grow and manage their resources without feeling overwhelmed.

Under the Ek Prayaas umbrella, Shaurya’s most impactful project has been his authoring of the similarly-titled book, Ek Prayaas – which uses stories and fables to convey pertinent financial lessons and morals to students. He was motivated to write this book after interacting with sections of poor, rural folk and realizing just how financially illiterate they are and how this illiteracy can be exploited by unscrupulous elements.

In a simple, yet entertaining manner, the book educates the reader on how to manage their earnings and savings more effectively, and better understand financial concepts such as household budgeting, savings, investments, fixed deposits, loans, etc. It also guides them on how to recover from financial setbacks and manage emergency expenditure without feeling helpless.

Shaurya Kabra is an intelligent and resourceful teenager with a kind heart. A rare combination that can only benefit the community, society and the country at large. Add to that his high caliber, grit and determination and values of empathy, compassion and service; and the indications are that even bigger things await him in the future.

It is indeed rare to discover such fire and passion in one so young – more so, fuelling his zeal to serve community and country.